Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Positive, The Negative, and The Angry

I started writing a quick comment to a negative blog post I saw on the internet and this is what came out.

The internet is an interesting place.  It is such a wonderful resource for information.  But as the old adage says, don't believe everything you read.  Do your research. 

You've come to this sight because someone complained about Ambit Energy.  Can you think of a single company that hasn't had a complaint lodged against it?

I used to run a wholesale sandwich and baked goods business.  My top priority was customer satisfaction.  I wasn't making thousands off a sale.  I might make a dollar from each sale if I was lucky.  I needed return customers.  In the five years I owned it I sold over a half million sandwiches and baked goods.  In that time I had about a dozen people call and complain about their experience or return a sandwich at a store.  Every single time I offered a full refund with no questions asked.  In that time I had a much greater number of people call or see me in a store and tell me how much they liked a particular product. 

If these complaints and compliments happened on the internet the only thing people would take away with them would be the negative, the complaints.  It’s human nature for people to want to tell the world about a bad experience and warn everyone.  Positive experiences are appreciated but we usually only tell a couple of people if anyone.  We assume everyone is getting the same experience.

I've been an Ambit Energy consultant for the past 5 months.  My experience has been very positive.  I have every reason to believe that has a lot to do with what I was not promised by my sponsor.  It’s not get rich quick by any means.  It’s get rich only if you're willing to work your ass off and do it for a number of years. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ambit Energy Expands Electricity Service to 3 Million Residents in Pennsylvania PPL Service Area

Starting March 1, residents in the PECO area of Pennsylvania were able to choose Ambit Energy as their electricity provider and receive a discount on their elecrticity of up to 15%. Today Scranton rejoices! As of April 7, residents of the PPL service area now have the right to choose Ambit Energy.

Read the full press release here

Ambit Energy Expands Electricity Service to 3 Million Residents in Pennsylvania

PHILADELPHIA, April 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Ambit Energy announced today it launched electricity service in Pennsylvania Electric Company (PECO) and PPL Electric Utilities territories. The customer-built company offers a new choice with competitive rates to residents in the greater Philadelphia and Scranton areas, servicing more than 3 million residents in Central and Eastern Pennsylvania PECO and PPL regions.

"Historically, Pennsylvania has been an underserved market for not only energy choice, but selection and competition," said Jere Thompson Jr., CEO and co-founder of Ambit Energy. "We're excited to enter the Pennsylvania market as part of our continued expansion into deregulated markets across the United States and provide our new customers with exceptional value and service."

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Energy Supply Companies Thriving Through Direct Sales

Energy deregulation is a new concept for most of us.  I heard about it less than a year ago while it's been quietly moving forward for years. 

Why isn't having a choice a more mainstream idea when it comes to energy?  Because only a percentage of the energy supply companies (ESCO's) decided to use direct sales or network marketing to get customers.  And this decision is proving to be the right one!

Ambit Energy is one of many companies who use direct sales as the marketing force behind their success.  Independent distributors are the best way to take a complicated topic like deregulation and make it simple to potential customers.

"Making the switch" can be a difficult proposition for many people.  The urge to keep the status quo is hard to overcome with just print or tv ads.

Switching energy suppliers becomes a much more successful concept with someone to personally explain the difference and help customers through the simple process.

And with Ambit Energy, that becomes even easier with built in benefits.  Ambit guarantees to give you lower rates than your incumbent provider forever. 

Some companies give lower rates only at the beginning and then jack them up hoping customers don't keep track.  Or they lock you into a contract with the low rates and then let the "market" determine higher rates after that.  Ambit doesn't require customers to sign any contract and doesn't penalize customers if they decide to leave.

The government decided to deregulate the energy industry with us, the consumer, in mind.  The decision to switch energy providers should be simple and clear.  Ambit makes it simple with a straight-forward offer and personal customer service.

Read about the energy industry's switch to direct sales in this article from Direct Selling News.

Energizing the Industry: The power of direct selling business models

"Just the phrase “energy deregulation” is enough to make the average consumer’s head spin. In the simplest terms, for energy customers it means a choice in energy providers. Usually, though, consumers are filled with questions about this process: How is this possible? If I switch, will my lights stay on? Who will take care of me in a power outage? How many bills will I have to pay? Why not just stay with my same, reliable company?
In the end, all of these unanswered questions and fear of the unknown often mean consumers stick with the status quo.
For direct selling companies, though, “energy deregulation” means big business.
Whether it’s the growing number of new potential customers as more states deregulate their energy markets, the climbing percentage of consumers switching providers or the skyrocketing growth rates direct sales energy companies are witnessing, the numbers make sense."

Read the entire article hear.

Friday, April 1, 2011

New York Electricity Prices Skyrocketing 12%!

Unless you're an Ambit customer, we as consumers are getting used to paying higher prices for all our energy.  Energy to heat our homes and run our vehicles and power our appliances and gadgets.  With oil prices nearing record levels again it shouldn't be much of a surprise to see that happening still.

Although you might be surprised to know that the Federal Regulatory Energy Commission has allowed a price increase of 12% to take place May 28th in the five boroughs.  That seems extreme especially after a 4% increase that goes into effect today.

Read the entire article here

Ambit Energy has an agreement with the State of New York Public Service Commission to be an electricity supplier.  As part of this agreement Ambit Energy has guaranteed their prices will be lower than Con Edison, National Grid or NYSEG.  Energy prices will rise and fall, but Ambit Energy will always be lower than the incumbent suppliers.

For more information on how you can save with Ambit Energy, fill out the form on the right and I will personally contact you to answer your questions.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ambit Energy's Chris Chambless Discusses Momentum in this month's Direct Selling News

Ambit Energy started in 2006 and has been on a roll ever since.  They're growth has been tremendous.  Read about their continued momentum in the March issue of Direct Selling News.  Ambit CMO, Chris Chambless, discusses the very deliberate strategies that have catapulted them to the top of the energy deregulation market.

Momentum, or The Big Mo as it is often called, is a powerful thing. It can create massive growth, incredible sales and a tremendous lift in your recruiting. But how do you create it? Most of the recent books on the subject of momentum treat it as an elusive, almost mythical creature that only a few are privileged to see. Many in our industry now regard it as the exclusive domain of startups and new ventures. But momentum is neither exotic nor proprietary to the next new direct selling venture. Momentum is simply the compound effect of a plan executed over a period of time, and nothing more. It can be achieved by any organization, but it must be created intentionally.
At Ambit Energy, we have achieved tremendous momentum since our launch in 2006, culminating in our recognition by Inc. magazine as the fastest-growing private company in America in 2009. While receiving this honor suddenly raised our level of visibility within the direct selling industry and around the country, it was not a surprise to our management team. Creating momentum at Ambit was and remains our intention.
In 2010, the year after we topped the Inc. 500, we continued our record-breaking customer and consultant growth. And in the first quarter of 2011, we expect to shatter last year’s mark for both. This has not happened because Ambit is a startup. We have momentum because we have consistently executed an intentional seven-step plan to create it, and we have remained faithful to that plan for almost five years now. Follow this plan, and you will create momentum in your company, too.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Go Green with Ambit Energy's Wind Energy

We're green, they're green, I'm green.  The whole world is green.  The word green has taken on a whole new meaning.  No longer is it used to describe a lush spring lawn or a tart Granny Smith apple.  The word green means so much more.  It means hope.  It means there will be a future where our children can breath clean air.  It means that we, as a race, will not deplete this planet's resources.  It means that we will not block out the sun with our giant carbon footprint.

Today's consumers are demanding more.  And we should.  Oil and coal are finite resources.  Its time to start thinking about renewable resources such as solar energy, wind energy and wave energy.  Our energy suppliers are slowly shifting some of their tremendous wealth into research for green energy.

Many people may not be aware that Ambit Energy offers energy from traditional sources as well as Green-e certified energy.  Ambit program receives 100% of their green energy from wind energy.  Visit Ambit Energy's Rates and Plans page to find out what is available in your area.

Green-e is the nation's leading independent consumer protection program for the sale of renewable energy and greenhouse gas reductions in the retail market.  Green-e offers certification and verification of renewable energy and greenhouse gas mitigation products.  It is a program of Center for Resource Solutions.

Ambit's Green-e profile can be found here.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Word is Spreading in Philly

The local news in Philly is getting the word out. According to their report you can and should be selecting a new electricity provider and you will save money.  If you live in a PECO serviced area take a look at what you can save by going to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission's website.  And it just so happens Ambit Energy is offering the best price, has no contracts and no termination fees.

Customers living in the PPL service area will be able to switch to Ambit after April 1.

See the story below.