Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What Donald Trump Says About Ambit Energy

Some people like him and some don't.  But no matter what you think of Donald Trump, you can't deny his business sense and accomplishments.  Have a look at what he said about Ambit Energy.

Donald Trump Endorses AMBIT 

You can have your own business

"Those trail blazing entrepreneurs who get involved with Ambit over the course of the next 12 months will dramatically improve their financial condition in a positive way. Now, we ALL have heard something like this before, especially from "new" network marketers who really do not have a mature grasp of the industry.
Consider the FACT that energy is a multi-Billion dollar industry in this country. Prior to deregulation, there was an energy monopoly which generally "set" rates that consumers paid. Because of the lack of competition, it became very easy for a company to make tremendous profits at the "expense" of the consumer.

Enter deregulation. What deregulation of the energy industry offers is competition in the marketplace, which often translates to a win/win for the consumer. Currently, there are 18 states which have deregulated energy. Ambit is establishing itself in 3 of those states, which are Texas, New York and now Illinois (currently in prelaunch).

If you are a person who is serious about improving and securing the financial condition of you and your family, you OWE it to yourself to thoroughly investigate this business model. It is FACT that the network marketing business model is a successful one. It is a FACT that timing is critical when considering becoming involved with a network marketing program.

It is also a FACT that those determined and disciplined individuals who can see the long term vision of this business opportunity and have the availability to blaze a trail (with the help of upline), have a very good chance of creating the kind of wealth we all read about in Success magazine. But, it is up to you to be willing to do the work, and spread the word.

So far, if we listen to what Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates all say, the only question should be "which network marketing program should I join?"

Worth Reading

While the two words are easy to say consecutively, we are finding they often do not go together in the real-life practical application.

With the exposure we have had to the downfall of corporate giants like Enron, Arthur Andersen, MCI Worldcom and many others now being bailed out by the Feds, it causes me to pause and wonder if wealth creation is possible with a team of honest, hardworking people unified in an effort to take a product or service to the highest level. It seems with each new day we are faced with yet another scandalous indiscretion by either a businessperson or politician who was trying to get ahead (no pun intended).

I was recently introduced to and invited to join an organization which I feel embodies a different kind of mentality than the other mega-giant corporations and I think others should take note. Ambit Energy in Dallas, Texas is a young but vibrant electricity provider currently doing business in just a few states. They direct-sell electricity by way of the recent deregulation that has occurred in Texas, New York, Illinois and some others.

Here’s the impressive part...the guys at the top such as the CEO, COO, CFO, Senior IT guy, and Chief Marketing Officer, all office out in the open near each other and with no walls, doors or partitions. They went basic on the furniture by choice and maintain a philosophy of frugality that has spread throughout the company. They pay their office support staff a fair wage and their salespeople well, too. The thought of needing to call a board meeting to express ideas, concerns or solutions is merely a waste of time since they can just roll their chairs over to one another and hammer it out.  I was so thoroughly impressed with the company and how responsible they are being with their customer’s money, I thought I would share this model with my readers. It turns out that when you run a business that is not top heavy and based on greed, you tend to not topple over. Ambit is one of the fastest growing companies in US history and only just beginning to walk according to their top brass."

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  3. Ambit is now in the following states: Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusettes, Washington D.C., Illinois, and California! With more to come! They've been around for the past 6 years and they're still just getting started! What are you waiting for? Sign up now: You won't be disappointed!