Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ambit Energy Expands Electricity Service to 3 Million Residents in Pennsylvania PPL Service Area

Starting March 1, residents in the PECO area of Pennsylvania were able to choose Ambit Energy as their electricity provider and receive a discount on their elecrticity of up to 15%. Today Scranton rejoices! As of April 7, residents of the PPL service area now have the right to choose Ambit Energy.

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Ambit Energy Expands Electricity Service to 3 Million Residents in Pennsylvania

PHILADELPHIA, April 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Ambit Energy announced today it launched electricity service in Pennsylvania Electric Company (PECO) and PPL Electric Utilities territories. The customer-built company offers a new choice with competitive rates to residents in the greater Philadelphia and Scranton areas, servicing more than 3 million residents in Central and Eastern Pennsylvania PECO and PPL regions.

"Historically, Pennsylvania has been an underserved market for not only energy choice, but selection and competition," said Jere Thompson Jr., CEO and co-founder of Ambit Energy. "We're excited to enter the Pennsylvania market as part of our continued expansion into deregulated markets across the United States and provide our new customers with exceptional value and service."

Ambit Energy offers residents in the PECO and PPL territories an innovative energy experience including affordable monthly rates, free energy incentives and an annual savings guarantee. Residents who switch also benefit from a personal relationship with an Ambit Energy independent consultant coupled with a guaranteed savings of seven percent for the first two months of service and at least one percent savings over a 12-month period.

"Our expansion into this market allows the millions of Pennsylvania residents to take advantage of significant savings on energy, which they utilize every day, as well as the extraordinary income opportunity that Ambit Energy provides," CMO and co-founder Chris Chambless said. "We take pride in our commitment to our customers and in our Independent Consultants who distribute our service throughout the 14 markets we currently serve today. It's a great feeling to know that we have a tried and true model that provides our customers simple flexible and guaranteed energy savings with personalized service."

As a retail energy provider, Ambit Energy buys power at wholesale prices and resells it to customers through the company's team of more than 100,000 independent sales consultants nation-wide. Ongoing customer relationships are managed by a people-focused, U.S.-based customer care center, overseeing all aspects of the customer life-cycle, from utility transactions between customers and transmission providers to web-based account management tools. To the company's credit, Inc. magazine named Ambit Energy the fastest growing private company in America for 2010 based on three year sales growth of more than 20,000 percent between 2006 and 2009.

About Ambit Energy

Ambit Energy is a Dallas-based energy provider of electrical and natural gas services in deregulated markets across the U.S., including regions of Texas, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Ambit Energy was named the fastest growing private company in America for 2010 by Inc. magazine. Focused on being the finest and most-respected energy provider in the industry, Ambit Energy offers cost-effective and sound choices for today's energy consumer. For more information on Ambit Energy's customer-built service, monthly utility savings opportunities or to join the Ambit Energy team, visit or call (877) 28-AMBIT.


  1. Ambit Energy territories: Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New York. I maybe forgot to write on other places... :)

  2. And next year is moving to another state to take it nationally...

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