Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Energy Supply Companies Thriving Through Direct Sales

Energy deregulation is a new concept for most of us.  I heard about it less than a year ago while it's been quietly moving forward for years. 

Why isn't having a choice a more mainstream idea when it comes to energy?  Because only a percentage of the energy supply companies (ESCO's) decided to use direct sales or network marketing to get customers.  And this decision is proving to be the right one!

Ambit Energy is one of many companies who use direct sales as the marketing force behind their success.  Independent distributors are the best way to take a complicated topic like deregulation and make it simple to potential customers.

"Making the switch" can be a difficult proposition for many people.  The urge to keep the status quo is hard to overcome with just print or tv ads.

Switching energy suppliers becomes a much more successful concept with someone to personally explain the difference and help customers through the simple process.

And with Ambit Energy, that becomes even easier with built in benefits.  Ambit guarantees to give you lower rates than your incumbent provider forever. 

Some companies give lower rates only at the beginning and then jack them up hoping customers don't keep track.  Or they lock you into a contract with the low rates and then let the "market" determine higher rates after that.  Ambit doesn't require customers to sign any contract and doesn't penalize customers if they decide to leave.

The government decided to deregulate the energy industry with us, the consumer, in mind.  The decision to switch energy providers should be simple and clear.  Ambit makes it simple with a straight-forward offer and personal customer service.

Read about the energy industry's switch to direct sales in this article from Direct Selling News.

Energizing the Industry: The power of direct selling business models

"Just the phrase “energy deregulation” is enough to make the average consumer’s head spin. In the simplest terms, for energy customers it means a choice in energy providers. Usually, though, consumers are filled with questions about this process: How is this possible? If I switch, will my lights stay on? Who will take care of me in a power outage? How many bills will I have to pay? Why not just stay with my same, reliable company?
In the end, all of these unanswered questions and fear of the unknown often mean consumers stick with the status quo.
For direct selling companies, though, “energy deregulation” means big business.
Whether it’s the growing number of new potential customers as more states deregulate their energy markets, the climbing percentage of consumers switching providers or the skyrocketing growth rates direct sales energy companies are witnessing, the numbers make sense."

Read the entire article hear.


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