Friday, April 1, 2011

New York Electricity Prices Skyrocketing 12%!

Unless you're an Ambit customer, we as consumers are getting used to paying higher prices for all our energy.  Energy to heat our homes and run our vehicles and power our appliances and gadgets.  With oil prices nearing record levels again it shouldn't be much of a surprise to see that happening still.

Although you might be surprised to know that the Federal Regulatory Energy Commission has allowed a price increase of 12% to take place May 28th in the five boroughs.  That seems extreme especially after a 4% increase that goes into effect today.

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Ambit Energy has an agreement with the State of New York Public Service Commission to be an electricity supplier.  As part of this agreement Ambit Energy has guaranteed their prices will be lower than Con Edison, National Grid or NYSEG.  Energy prices will rise and fall, but Ambit Energy will always be lower than the incumbent suppliers.

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  1. Yes, Ambit Energy have the lower prices than other... Thinking of, they really wast money