Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Positive, The Negative, and The Angry

I started writing a quick comment to a negative blog post I saw on the internet and this is what came out.

The internet is an interesting place.  It is such a wonderful resource for information.  But as the old adage says, don't believe everything you read.  Do your research. 

You've come to this sight because someone complained about Ambit Energy.  Can you think of a single company that hasn't had a complaint lodged against it?

I used to run a wholesale sandwich and baked goods business.  My top priority was customer satisfaction.  I wasn't making thousands off a sale.  I might make a dollar from each sale if I was lucky.  I needed return customers.  In the five years I owned it I sold over a half million sandwiches and baked goods.  In that time I had about a dozen people call and complain about their experience or return a sandwich at a store.  Every single time I offered a full refund with no questions asked.  In that time I had a much greater number of people call or see me in a store and tell me how much they liked a particular product. 

If these complaints and compliments happened on the internet the only thing people would take away with them would be the negative, the complaints.  It’s human nature for people to want to tell the world about a bad experience and warn everyone.  Positive experiences are appreciated but we usually only tell a couple of people if anyone.  We assume everyone is getting the same experience.

I've been an Ambit Energy consultant for the past 5 months.  My experience has been very positive.  I have every reason to believe that has a lot to do with what I was not promised by my sponsor.  It’s not get rich quick by any means.  It’s get rich only if you're willing to work your ass off and do it for a number of years. 
Ambit Energy is a personal business.  People who run Ambit businesses are no different than the people who run every other business.  How many times have you had a bad experience with any business because you thought the owner or manager was a jackass? 

Each Ambit consultant is his or her own business owner and unfortunately they can run it almost any way they like.  I say almost because Ambit consultants have been fired for policy violations.  It is not the policy of Ambit Energy for consultants to badger people to become consultants or customers and make them feel bad if they do not.  Nor are these tactics recommended by Ambit Energy corporate offices or the top leaders and trainers.

The bottom line is with hundreds of thousands of customers and consultants, someone is going to have a bad experience.  It will end up on the internet and we will now comment with our two cents.  It’s today’s culture. 

Do your own research.  Don’t take only one person’s opinion as gospel on politics, religion or how to raise your kids.  And don’t take it on Ambit Energy either.  Don’t miss out on an extraordinary opportunity because of our nature to focus on the negative. 

Break away from the masses and find out for yourself.  If you’ve had a bad experience with a consultant, talk to another consultant.  The deregulation of the energy industry is too big to let pass because of some jackass who doesn’t know how to treat people.

Do your research, talk to lots of people before you make a decision.  When I first started I got discouraged at the negative posts about Ambit Energy on the internet.  So I started gathering some of the more positive items about Ambit and mlm in general.  To make it accessible to everyone I decided to put all the items I found or articles I wrote into a blog.  Please take some time to do some more research.  Feel free to post comments or contact me directly.



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